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Cascade Jazz Trio — Mantras
Release date : Jul. 11, 2006
Label : Dancing Dragon Records
  1. Ramblin'
  2. Footprints
  3. Afro Blue
  4. All Blues
  5. Dharma Wheel
  6. Witchi Tai To
  7. A Night in Tunisia
  8. ukb

A Mantra is a simple phrase which, with concentration and repetition, can take the speaker on a spiritual journey.

The second Cascade Jazz Trio recording, Mantras, focuses on a more direct and pared down approach to many jazz standards. Still featuring the phenomenal skills of John Chmaj on keyboards and flute, Court Crawford on bass, and Brian Gmerek on drums, the trio breathes new life into several tunes you’ve heard probably hundreds of times before, as well as a few rare gems and originals.

Recorded by Colm Meek at Avast II Studios in Seattle, the sound quality is impeccable; a great step forward in audio quality from the previous Cascade Jazz Trio release.